You Can't Coexist with People who want to kill you


Islam profiles individuals according to one criteria only – Their Religion 
In Islam you are one of the four

  • Muslim
  • Pretend Muslim
  • Ex Muslim
  • Non Muslim 

This is the way Islam and the Quran categorize the human race: 
Muslim – You follow the Quran and obey only the Islamic Law, Muhammad is your divine example and you strive to emulate him.
Pretend Muslim – You call yourself Muslim, but fail to follow any of the requirements set in the Quran, the Islamic Law system or has adopted any non-Islamic ideas. You must change or you will be treated as an Infidel
Ex Muslim – You left Islam and openly rejected it – You should be punished by death
Non Muslim – You are a non-believer, an Infidel, you must accept Islam, be enslaved or be killed

Western Liberals wrongly treat these four categories.  
When attacked, they don’t use the word Muslims instead they use words like Extremists, Terrorists or Radicals, all in order not to offend the Pretend Muslims
They call the Pretend Muslims moderate, peace loving Muslims – Which by definition doesn’t exist as there is no moderation in Islam and there is no peace loving in Islam.
As for Ex Muslims, Western Liberals ignore them all together, and refuse to acknowledge the great heroism of the Ex-Muslims, as it will be admitting to what Islam really is
They victimize Non Muslims and blame the Non Muslim of Islamphobia

Liberals don’t like it, but The Free World is in a War with Islam
To win this war we have to stop the Politically Correct plague and declare:

  • Islam and the Islamic law are the Problem – Eradicate Them
  • Mosques and Islamists organizations are the problem – Eradicate them
  • Muslims are the enemy – Fight them
  • Embrace and protect the Ex Muslims that rejected the Evil Islam
  • Pretend Muslims will not change Islam or the Quran, Pretend Muslims are not fighting to protect western society values, Pretend Muslims can be the victims of Islam, become Ex Muslims or become Muslim – it is their choice.

Wake up America, Europe and any Free Country – Start Fighting Back 


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