70% of all Muslims living in the USA are Extreme

Islam 10

Is the vast majority of the 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world are moderate and peace loving people, and should be embraced by western societies?Unfortunately, this is far from being the truth.

If we, Americans, defined Extreme as someone possessing ideas and beliefs that can’t coexist with the American constitution, free speech and human rights, then;

More than 99% of all Muslims living in any Islamic Country are Extreme
More than 70% of all Muslims living in the USA and Europe are Extreme

Consider the following.
As far as ISLAM goes;
There is one ISLAM
There is one Quran
There is one ALLAH
There is one Muhammad

As for the interpretations of ISLAM, there can be many ways someone interpret it.

ISLAM is the Religion of PEACE
ISLAM is the Religion of WAR
ISLAM = Nazism with GOD
ISLAM is a Political Ideology
And many more….

People interpret ISLAM according to their current orientation and situation.
Factors that affect such interpretation are:

Being Liberal
Being Conservative
Level of doctoring to Political Correctness
Living in a Muslim Country
Living in a Muslim Neighborhood
Living in a western free country
Believe in separation of state and religion
Importance of Human rights and free speech in one’s life
Importance of women rights and equality in one’s life
And many other criteria.

There are more than 1.5 Billion Muslims in the world; Not all Muslims interpret ISLAM in the same way

How many of these 1.5 Billion are “Extreme” and how many are “Moderate Peace Loving”?

Finding the answer is really not complicated.
All you have to do is to spend the time and evaluate according to facts and not propaganda
One can categorize Muslims and Ex-Muslims in numerous categories but the following are the main one:

  1. Jihadist
  2. Islamists
  3. Fundamentalists
  4. Modern
  5. Ex-Muslim

Type: Offensive War – As instructed in the Quran
Goal: Establish ISLAM worldwide as the only way of life and law of the land
Method: Terror attacks, Killing indiscriminately
Size: Estimated 1% of the 1.5 Billion world Muslims, and growing
Radicalism: 100% can’t coexist with anyone that doesn’t join them
Note: This group doesn’t practice “deceiving” nor “political correctness”
The major parties in this group are:
Boko haram

Type: Offensive Deceiving – As instructed in the Quran
Goal: Establish ISLAM worldwide as the only way of life and law of the land
Method: Using the free world freedom of speech, liberal laws and political correctness to eventually gain governmental control
Size: About 40% of the Muslims in the free world, and growing
Radicalism: 100% will “coexist” until taking control, thereafter will not allow opposition
Note: Their Goal for ISLAM is same as the Jihadists, only their method is different using Deceiving and “political correctness” until taking control.
The major parties in this group are:
The Muslim Brotherhood
Council on American-Islamic Relations – CAIR

Type: Offensive – Demands to be governed by Sharia law as preached in the Quran
Goal: Maintain Sharia Law in Muslims Countries and promote Sharia law worldwide
Method: Increasing their percent of the populations to a level that make it possible to enforce Sharia Law
Size: Close to 100% in Muslim Countries. About 50% of Muslims in the Free World
Radicalism: Believe in Sharia Law with all that apply, will not allow opposition in countries they control
Note: This is the biggest portion of the 1.5 Billion World Muslims, their ideas and the American constitution can’t coexist.

Type: Defensive – New movement, only exists in the free world
Goal: Find a way to change and modernize ISLAM so it can survive alongside free speech and equal rights
Method: Politically Correctness campaigns
Size: Non-existent in Muslims Countries, maybe 10% of the Muslims living in the free world
Radicalism: Zero
Note: This group should be encouraging and supported

Type: Offensive – Denounce ISLAM as it an unacceptable ideology not suited in a modern free society
Goal: To live free of ISLAM threats in a western government life style
Method: Using free speech in the western world, standing up to the evil of ISLAM
Size: 0% in Muslim Countries, unknown percentage in the free world as they are afraid for their life
Radicalism: Zero
Note: This group should be protected, supported and admired for their members’ courage.

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