Do you think Obama is a Muslim?



Since he became president, Barack Hussein Obama has been plagued by accusations that he is actually a devout Muslim who is posing as a Christian in order to get to the White House. While Obama denied this, what these Middle Easterners just said about him could prove that he has been lying all along.

Earlier this week, Obama announced that he was lifting a series of sanctions against Iran. Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, the head of general security for the emirate of Dubai, said afterwards that Obama’s “Shiite roots” were responsible for his hopes to unite the U.S. with Iran.

The Washington Post reported that a former Iraqi member of parliament said something similar in a video last year when he said that Obama’s “Shiite background” was inspiring him to work with Iran.

“Around the same time, Syrian writer Muhydin Lazikani told the London-based al-Hiwar television channel that Obama was the ‘son of a Shiite Kenyan father,’” The Post added, according to Conservative Tribune.

Clearly, the people in the Middle East are sure that Obama is a Muslim. Americans really should have caught on to this long ago, considering Obama’s middle name of Hussein is shared by Shiite Islam’s most revered martyr and is a common name among Shiite Muslims.

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