Americans response to Obama lecturing about the virtues of Islam

Obam lecturing about Islam

Mark Mead Why not let some Moslem leaders – or CAIR – lecture us about how they condemn the actions of “a few” bad Moslems. (Yeah, right)

Stamen Valkanov The righteous principles that were once followed by this great country are being diluted by wickedness and deception. God, and Christ’s teachings are being edged out of the picture and this nation is becoming the abomination of the world! And he calls himself a Christian. Ha! What a joke!

Larry LaGuardia There is no doubt about Obamas pro muslim agenda. He uses every opportunity to knock down whites and Christians. His talk at a mosque that is under FBI watch for its ties to the muslim brotherhood is telling. We all know where his loyalties lie…..and it’s not with America, Christians orr patiots.

Keith S. Elster He IS a muslim terrorist who is doing his best to damage America as much as possible, and deliberately brings in as many muslims as he can to eventually attack us from within……even within the government!! Do you really think he’d ever do anything to to protect us from himself !?!?!?!

Robin Castle Massingale What did people expect he revealed himself to be a Muslim before he was elected the first time but most people pay no attention to politics and they vote on emotions not facts

Donna Siebert I believe it would be in the best interest of AMERICA to lecture islam on the America virtues. That makes a whole lot more sense since we are constantly being told by Obama how horrible we are. Again, imo, we’re not perfect yet a h*** of a lot better then Obama and islam.

Mary Rogers He’s so far out there..he probably doesn’t even understand this. Wonder what other religious establishments he will visit. …NONE

Andrew Constantine Taleas Protect Christians around the globe, what about the virtues of Christianity . Life liberty , free will ?

Lisa Ledford These are things you need to know about Islam and Muslims. Allah IS NOT the same God who is worshiped by Jews and Christians. Allah is no more a God than the Golden calf of Egypt. Allah predates Islam by over a thousand years, and was a minor deity in …See More

Bo Hardin He hates Christians ,says he is 1 and praises islam. Don’t get it . All I can say is I pray for this country,the men and women that protect us all past present and future. May God bless all that do and even those who don’t believe.

Patricia Burchett Our Country is founded on separation of church and state. Islam IS a political religion that makes religion and politics ONE. That’s why Ben Carson said that there should never be a muslim president. However, we have had one for 7 years, already.


Muslims have one goal, the Caliphate of America. Here are some terms from their Quran to help you understand them:…See More

Robert Oster But he’s a Muslim he’s protecting his own is this even still a question or something I can post 4 links right now to him saying he’s a Muslim.You figure after 911 and everything else Americans would smart enough not to elect someone who sympathizes with our enemies and lectures America but I was wrong.

Vicky Haywood Thats wishful thinking…..ant coming from him….
You want to be defended…. and you dont have a clue…you better learn…quickly….he’s, depleated our military to ridiculous.. where are they?????he’ll order them as well as police to stand down when it hits the fan’ll hit

Marianne Pasha Melaragni Lombardo Why don’t you just come out and tell the truth about your agenda…….it is oh so obvious……not only do you look like a sneak and a liar, you show disrespect to all Americans. You truly insult our intelligence. Your position is to protect the …See More

Darrin Forsythe Forget it! He’s Muslim. He hates Americas & Americans. He’s hiding behind his presidency & his lies to give them a foothold to take over. Conspiracy you say? Their own Quran tells them to lie cheat steal & kill to promote Islam!

Carol Hardy Can you believe that speech he made at the mosque about the Muslims and their contribution excuse me? Really? Does this not show where his allegiance is? All you people that voted for him sorry can’t forgive you

Colleen Rose Marie Few Now why would he want do that he has never cared about the American People he only wants us to all follow his religion and i will never ever can’t wait for his bull shit to be over with i can’t stand the lies that come of his Muslim mouth

Don Moel I found it quite amazing (and disgusting) that he said “Thank You” to the people in that mosque…….”Thank you: for WHAT? Exactly what has Islam or any of it’s adherents ever done for the betterment of the US? What scientific or cultural advancements…See More

Harry Stains I think they are using the radical Muslims to do their dirty work. Think about, You are in Power and you want those who oppose your groups way of thinking to be removed. A smart backdoor way of doing this would be to inject the radicals ( by way of pub…See More

Patricia Burchett Is Congress trying to do anything about Obama’s anti-American agenda? He needs to be brought to justice for treason. He is ignoring, completely, the threat to this Country.

Robert Berezny One question, what the f*ck does this country owe Muslims or Islam? We are a nation of immigrants who have come Together to make a better life and a stronger country, that’s not what we have now. We have an assault on America by a population who has vo…See More

Ed Davis Amen brother, the liar in chief claims the the safety of the US citizen is his top priority, all the while he keeps putting more and more Americans at risk, illegal immigrants, refugees, Syrian refugees, sharia muslims, criminal releases, sanc cities, gun control and the list goes on and on

Steve Roby This Muslin President is a joke,he should be telling Muslims to conform to American values not Americans conform to Muslin ways they came here to live we did not go there to live?

Brittany Schroeder Blaming all Muslims for the terrorists attacks is like blaming all Christians for the Crusades and all the hateful Christians in the world. Just because someone is Muslim doesn’t make them a terrorist. Just because someone is Christian doesn’t make the…See More

Daniel P. Nieman Um, those are synonyms, everyone knows this. Liken to alligators to crocs, poison ivy to poison sumac etc. this is a religion not a race, and this religion states to cut non believers heads off.
Now, I’m not a scholar, that seems pretty clear to me.

Paul Witter Five times as many Americans have died at the hands of Right Wing Extremists in the years since 9/11 than at the hands of Islamists. But that’s none of my business…

Paula Moore Yeah like that will ever happen. For some reason lots of people thinks he cares for our country and our people. It ain’t so!!!! He has made it as plain as the nose on your face who he respects , cares for, and will help any way possible that is him first then the rest of the Muslims. He really loves the terrorist more than the rest. He’s EVIL!!!!!!

Jennifer McCarty He CAN’T stop lecturing when he is completely supporting these demons!!!! It is his job as the elected Muslim infiltrator to create chaos and destroy America along with Israel. He has control and is above the law…. obviously no one is willing to stop…See More

Truman Oney Thè way I see it, Islam is root cause of terrorism! Wonder how long and how many innocent people will suffer or die before something is done to stop the infiltration of our once great country buy these terrorist.

John A. Lisenbee Honestly done with the Democrats’ President.. Seriously, when he’s on my TV, I actually turn it. Simply not interested in anything he has to say.. Good, Bad, or indifferent..

Josh Brandon I don’t really feel like I need protecting from make believe threats. But I’m not a spineless coward, either. I seriously don’t see how some of y’all sleep at night without pissing yourselves out of sheer fear and paranoia. Must suck to live your lives.

Michael Rhodes Autry According to Pew Research almost one fourth of the population of the entire planet are Muslims… Yet they are unable to police their own small group of radical troublemakers?
So what they are admitting to hear is that islam is the poster child for ineptitude?
W’assup…u tell me, how it be.

Jim Malerk I hope that you are ashamed of your self Hussein, we, the American people are and God (not Allah) is kind ticked off as well. Matthew 18:6 – But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and [that] he were drowned in the depth of the sea.

Earl Brown Hell, i’d be happy just to hear him defend any form christianity. Instead he is leading us down a path of death and destruction… After the revolution there will be new crusades to undo all the damage this moron has caused… History has a way of repeating itself. Oassclown will be defined in history as a muslim tyrant… People already use his name in the same breath as stalin, hitler, mussolini and mao

Robin Altman I am so sick of him pushing the Muslim agenda while he insults Christians and Republicans. What religion supports raping and marrying children or brutally killing them like they did over the weekend? Smh I am counting the days until I don’t have to see or hear from him everyday!!!! How about thanking our vets and soldiers for protecting your sorry a$$.

Terri Kolomijez Instead of lecturing American about being islamaphobic, maybe he should be telling his fellow muslims to be turning in and condemning their radicals and their radical islamic actions. Opps forgot he can’t even say those words. The first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one.

Scott Brehmer How bout lecturing the Muslims about trying to adapt to our ways, because we will not bow down to any Muslim scum wanting us to change for them, it will not happen.

Carol Bowser Rush Limbaugh raised a very interesting point when he asked a question about Obama. Obama is always singing praises to the islamic religion and how peaceful it is and how there is nothing more beautiful than the sound of the morning call to prayer. O…See More

Gary Turnau Why don’t you tell us more about why you treat the MB(Muslim Brotherhood) so well you appoint them to government departments, you gave the MB in Egypt a bunch of F-16’s and M1 Abrams tanks( before they were jailed)? And why do you let the UN tell you(t…See More

Tammy M Mills It’s an insult, after what we’ve been through. Surprised there hasn’t been more outrage over this. Singling out a specific group is racist, and inappropriate behavior for a president.

Kewann MackBoi Anthony Man get y’all left 2 gather the man did his thing n his 8 years y’all didn’t say none of this when the rest of the president was messing up so stop hating on him cause he can’t stop terrorists he does have the powers of super man he trying but u can’t hear what people think n all Muslem r not terrorists y’all did say that when both bush went over their n start all this

Joe Rosenhagen I don’t see any Muslims speaking out about the radicalized ones. I don’t see any assimilating to this countries values and laws. I do see them wanting us to change our laws and values to what they want and complaining about it. When they start fighting…See More

Dianna Jackson Posey From the Koran the Muslim holy book Sura 4:34 …men should manage the affairs of women because Allah has made the one(men) superior to the other(women)
Oh and here’s a gem…but for wives whom you fear arrogant…forsake them in bed, (and if necessary) strike them….who needs to slander

Mark Farley I see your point but, let’s not get all pussyfied in light of the terrorist bullshit. there’s a greater chance you’ll be shot by a cop, win the lotto or be struck by a meteor than being attacked by a terrorist. more so now that most all domestic incidents can be linked to the FBI.

Scott Hatfield has anyone ever notice that when Obama declares the tenants of Islam, he does so perfectly? Accurately quoting the Quran. But when he speaks of the Bible or quote scripture, he messes it up or misquotes it. When he quotes the Quran he doesn’t even have to look at his notes, but when he quotes the Bible he has to look at his notes.

Paul Verberne Obama’s drone program has wiped more Muslim terrorists off the face of the earth than any president before him, and conservatives get all riled up about a mosque visit. Too bad reality doesn’t fit the narrative. You really need to get out of the Breitbart echo chamber.…/president-obama-likes…/

Fred Beach Obama is a political puppet for those who have an agenda intended to divide, disrupt and destruct our nation. Whether he knows it or not, he is a puppet.

Anisa Abdelfattah Well, they have destroyed 5 Muslim countries, killed 5 million Muslims and just droned 17 to death yesterday. What else do you want? That they get the real culprits behind 9/11? No, I didn’t think so.

Leticia Resendez Get real this Muslim cares only to bring us down 70 on the list of terrorist are working for him NO one is standing up we are asleep while he controls our. AMERICA.

Jack Linendoll what a bunch of dipshits-we’ve dropped over 10,000-yeah TEN THOUSAND bombs over there in the last 6 mos or so. Quit whining and hating and try to act like an American and support your president. Otherwise you’re no better than the terrorists

Matt Will Grundman Where’s the 20th century koran? Somebody get on that. No offense intended. I just feel this religion needs an current update, possibly the leaders could revise to avoid confusion? for the good of all? Crazy idea?

Jim Pulz He brought change alright brought disease tat had been irradiated over the last hundred years now we have third world disease a world falling part western civilization destroyed and the third world virtues for America and Europe and your children horrifying

Cheryl Pratt Spurlin I’ve always been told he represents the American people and when I say something that doesn’t please the Democrats about him, many have called me racist, idiot, stupid and God only knows what else. WHO IS HE REALLY PROTECTING? NOT ME OR YOU unless we come from another country.

Shelby Jerome Muse Take a deep breath ! Open your stupid minds . Obama HAS kept us pretty safe during his presidency . We will never be completely safe . matter what the GOP candidates say . We are not the damn WORLDS police ! Hating Obama might make you feel good , but . ….

Chip Austad Wow talk about history repeating itself, Jesus used to give speeches and tell people to love and respect one another, this is the internets version of crucifixion


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