Muslim Migrants’ Mass Sexual Attacks at Shopping Center in Germany


By PAMELA GELLER on March 1, 2016


Obama wants more of these rapists, supremacists and invaders.
Mark Zuckerberg and his wife and child should go and shop at this mall. So should George and Amal. They’ll get the welcome they so richly deserve.

Mass harassment in Sophienhof Shopping Center Kiel (translated from this article, KN-Online):

Large scale police effort in Sophienhof in Kiel : Two asylum seekers from Afghanistan molested three young women aged 15 , 16 and 17 years on Thursday afternoon . As the young girls tried to escape, they were pursued by about 30 men . Interior Minister Stefan Studt commented about this in the press .

After a dramatic incident in Kiel Sophienhof a new debate on security and the handling of criminal immigrants is kindled . 20 to 30 men with an immigrant background have harassed three young girls on Thursday 17:30 to 19:30 in the mall. The police shared this information only onl Friday . Four men were taken into custody . The two main culprits , 19 and 26 -year-old asylum seeker from Afghanistan were observing the girls (of the ages of 15 , 16 and 17 years) , then followed them and filmed them with mobile phones.

The pictures they took were then disseminated through social networks. Gradually more and more men came to harass the girls also .
Only when a security guard and police intervened, the group let the girls leave .
Unlike the New Year’s Eve attacks in Hamburg and Cologne , there was apparently no sexual assault .
The Afghans and two other suspects were taken into custody after they had resisted police . In Sophienhof and on the way to the police station the detainees resisted vehemently . They insulted the police , and uttered threats and caused physical injuries .
The main offender spent a night in custody , the other two were already released on thursday  ”after identity verification “. Where they came from, the police couldn’t tell.

In Kiel the chain of “social responsibility” has worked. Companions and visitors immediately notified the authorities . The police had the perpetrators arrested quickly . ” Now the other accomplices must be found ,” said the Minister . ” We now need to look at what the state police can learn so we can pass it on to other departments of state police . ” He’s a father of four children , including two girls of the same age .
“That’s an insane burden on girls and their parents ,” Studt said.


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