I hate Islam – Islam is Evil

Proud enemy of Islam

Love is a feeling, not a crime
Hate is a feeling, not a crime

I instinctively Love Goodness
I instinctively Hate Evil

I trust my Instinct and my Feelings far more than I trust Politicians, News Media and Advertising

I hate IslamIslam is Evil

1 thought on “I hate Islam – Islam is Evil

  1. Mekagoen Mimadri

    Finally, we may observe that “something” is happening… My vast 98 year experience, screams out, that Islam is on its way to self-eradication, doomed by its own repulsive doctrine. The time is nigh in which the SIX BILLION KUFFAR, will take the issues into their own hands. F’f”f” forget government armies. The SIX BILLION MOTHERKUFFAR, with absolute truth and justice, as weapons, will take matters into its own hands… First, we will continue to be nice and ask kindly, to assimilate, or die. Then, we will simply announce, for the last time, that the ox feces has to stop. The defective humanoids will react; Once the defective humanoids react, SIX BILLION WHO RULE THE ROOST, will serve truth and justice, by radical and absolute attrition, and divine impunity. Islam has got to go away.
    The sadly confused folk, may stay but will accept, existing under a microscope, 24/7.
    Welcome to the century of total surveillance..!



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