1 thought on “The Trailer of “Among The Believers”

  1. Mekagoen Mimadri

    The spooky dressed speaker walking past the cemetery, where he will be martyred, confirmed:
    “If you don’t like us then arrest us. Shoot us. But if you think you can change us,
    Then forget about it…!”
    WhoW..! That is a totally AKBAR idea, we say..!
    And, stated so firmly with that smirk, you proposed so kindly, our future, inevitable, and unavoidable action to solve our sad dilemma,
    We honestly are very grateful for suggesting it, because we avoided thinking about that particularly inevitable solution… Therefore, we will obey tour instructions.
    We can’t wait..! ~we obviously and wholeheartedly, accept your instructions to solve the pesky troubles we are having on this planet. ~So nice of you..!
    Well then, OK..! We will follow your instructions to the letter, as soon as possible. LIKE Now..!
    We are obliged..! Isn’t that totally AKBAR..?



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