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Former CIA Agent Breaks Her Silence About Obama


When prominent people start speaking out, the American people should pay attention. Right now, a former CIA agent is starting to speak out against Obama.
Clare Lopez is a former CIA officer, and she is risking everything to speak the truth. She is claiming Obama is the reason America has “switched sides” on the war of terrorism. America is supporting the enemy including the Muslim Brotherhood, as per Freedom Daily.

Lopez is a well-respected member of the intelligence community and was on staff for Ronald Reagan’s administration. She spent two decades in the field with the CIA and instructed special forces and intelligence cadets.

She is currently working for the Center for Security Policy on counter-jihad and Sharia programs from the United States. So, if you were to get one person’s opinion on this matter, it would be hers.

Lopez has refused to speak in public, most likely because of the vast dangers that implies, but she has confided in a few members of the House of Representatives about her concerns about Obama and his foreign policy views.

The former CIA agent claimed that the main goal of the war on terrorism was to stop the spread of Sharia Islamic law, and it was until Obama started making changes that helped aid the interests of militant organizations like the Muslim Brotherhood.

The whole reason for the war on terror was to “stay free of Sharia” and other Islamic laws that are repressive at best, which seems hard to believe if you ignore the fact that Obama has mocked American values and principles the whole time he has been in office.

Lopez believes that the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated Obama’s administration as well as other branches of America’s government. She also claims that Obama has the same alleged goals as Osama bin Laden to “remove America power and influence including military forces from Islamic lands.”

She continued on to say that “as Israel fought enemies on all sides to remain free, secure, and Jewish, America began to move away from Israel and toward its Muslim enemies. And as Iran moved inexorably toward a deliverable nuclear weapons capability, America helped.”

The CIA retiree believes that Obama only approved bin Laden’s death because he “couldn’t delay it any longer.” He didn’t want to look suspicious by refusing to do so when the opportunity presented itself, so, allegedly, he reluctantly did it.

This is a lot of information from the CIA operative, but it needs to be heeded and listened to. If anyone would know about what was really happening in the White House and other government agencies in Washington, it would be someone from the CIA.

It wouldn’t be surprising if this was true because Obama has not easily hidden his contempt for America. That’s why he’s absolutely with illegals and refugees coming into this country no matter how great a burden it is on our economy. He has no love for America or its people, that much is clear.

All credit to ETF News and Freedom Daily

President Obama a radical Islamic threat to America

Ex-CIA Officer Clare Lopez called President Obama a radical Islamic threat to America.

Clare Lopez, a former CIA officer, said that President Obama has “switched sides” in the war on terror, and that he has the same goals that Osama Bin Laden had: to reduce U.S. influence in Islamic areas of the world.

Clare Lopez has said for years that extremist groups like the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the Obama administration and are carrying out their agendas through U.S. foreign policy.
In August 2014, Lopez told the website WND that:
Lopez told WND she sees a pattern in Obama’s actions, or inaction, that reveals his blueprint for the Middle East and Northern Africa is to let the warring jihadi factions, the Sunnis and the Shiites, divide the region into two spheres of influence, and for the U.S. to withdraw.

“The administration’s plan, I believe, is to remove American power and influence, including military forces, from Islamic lands,” Lopez asserted.

When WND remarked that was just what Osama bin Laden had demanded, Lopez pointed out that is the aim of all jihadis, “Because that is what Islam demands, that foreign forces be kicked out of Islamic lands.”

Does Obama think if we leave the Mideast the jihadis will then leave us alone?

“I don’t know,” she said. “I can just see the pattern that is enabling the rise of Islam, empowering the Muslim Brotherhood domestically and abroad, alienating and distancing ourselves from our friends and allies and debilitating the American military.”

Then, a month later, WND reported that Lopez said Obama had “switched sides” in the war on terror by siding with groups like the Muslim Brotherhood:

She said the global war on terror had been an effort to “stay free of Shariah,” or repressive Islamic law, until the Obama administration began siding with such jihadist groups as the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates.

Why the switch?

Lopez explained, when the so-called Arab Spring appeared in late 2010, “It was time to bring down the secular Muslim rulers who did not enforce Islamic law. And America helped.”

And why would Obama want to do that?

As she told WND earlier this month, Lopez believed the Muslim Brotherhood has thoroughly infiltrated the Obama administration and other branches of the federal government.

This isn’t necessarily news, however. Clare Lopez has been accusing the Obama administration of being infiltrated by Islamic extremists and carrying out their agenda as far back as 2009:

Barack Hussein Obama is Erdogan’s doggy.


by Walid Shoebat

America’s largest mosque complex, officially known as Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center, was built with Turkish funding under the supervision of the Turkish religious foundation (Diyanet). The $100 million mega mosque in Lanham, Maryland, will soon be open for Muslim worshipers in the Washington, DC area, as their link shows: “Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan and US President Barack Obama are expected to open the mosque”

Erdogan’s newspaper Yeni Safak reports:

“The $100 million mega-mosque in Maryland, US will soon be open in the Washington, DC area, as Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan is expected to open the mosque during his official visit to the US between March 29 and April 2.”

I guess you can learn about your president’s next step towards building Islam in the U.S., not from your media, but from Erdogan’s official media Yeni Safak instead:


Do you see “US Double Minaret Mosque” above in the article Erdogan published? Why “Two Minarets”?

An Ottoman sultan is addressed as such in prayer: “O God, assist the Sultan, son of the Sultan, Sovereign of the Two Continents, of the Two SeasDestroyer of Two Armies, Sultan of the Two Iraqs, Servant of the Two Sanctuaries [Mecca and Medina]” (Ibn Iyas, 195-1960). Muhammad II was “Sovereign of the Two Seas, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean.”

Turkey is an empire that will arise twice, once as the Ottoman Empire, then the second time after this deadly wound is healed as the Neo-Ottomans.

Even prophets like John recognizes this feature and Daniel recognizes that Antichrist loves to have his established castles between the “two seas”:

“And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the [two] seas in the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and none shall help him.” (Daniel 11:45)

Indeed, Erdogan is planting tabernacles (mosques) even between the Pacific and the Atlantic with lightening speed. Will the West ever awake its slumber and learn just how packed each verse is in the scriptures?

America’s largest mosque complex, officially known as the Turkish-American Culture and Civilization Center, was built with Turkish funding under the supervision of the Turkish religious foundation (Diyanet).


Will Obama disappoint his Caliph? No.
Stupid Americans voted for this servant of the Sultan, Sovereign of the Two Continents

Almost all $100 million for the mosque was funded by the Religious Affairs and the Religious Foundation of Turkey, part of the Turkish-Islamic Center also known as the “American Religious Center,” built on a large area in Lanham, Maryland that will have the capacity to host 3,000 Muslim worshippers indoors and outdoors which includes a community building, a guest house, traditional Turkish houses, library, conference and exhibition halls, meeting rooms, reception, museum of Islamic art, coffee house, gift shops, cultural center, amphitheater, computer lab, library and even Turkish baths in the old Ottoman style … the works. It “aims at bringing all Muslims together, to enlighten people about the facts of Islam and guide believers to a correct way” says Yeni Safak.

English: expect a spiritual Bubonic plague all with mystic Sufism and wakeup calls of Allahu-Akbar from loudspeakers thundering the community at the wee hours of the night.


And these projects are not only in Maryland (keep in mind, it was called Maryland, as in the Land of Mary for Catholics), in Dayton Ohio, watch these dumb Americans expressing Allahu-Akbar in the highest, And on earth Islam is peace among men:

But what is going on in the U.S., is nothing I’n comparison to Erdogan’s goal to revive Islam in the “far reaches of the north”. He is leading the Muslim world in shaping and spreading an objective: to speedily revive Islam in the regions of the north, the Turkic republics in Central Asia and African nations.

There is no Moderate Islam

Believe it or not, the Turkish religious authority had had 200,267 meetings, conferences, panels and symposiums, all organized solely in the northern parts of the globe as an objective to influence non-Arab Muslim countries, especially in the Balkans. To Turkey Central Asia’s C.I.S nations (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan). 

A state-sponsored program to build mosques in countries from Kazakhstan to Cuba has emerged as a foreign policy instrument for Turkey, boosting the country’s claim to a place on the international stage as a leader of the Islamic world that looks after Muslims everywhere.

The Grand Mufti of Turkey, Mehmet Gormez, Turkey’s giant Directorate of Religious Affairs, which runs the country’s 85,000 mosques and employs 122,000 people, has assumed an increasingly active role in the government’s foreign policy.

A glance at its website is enough to see how active the directorate has become internationally. The institution’s 2013 activity report, available on the website, describes a transboundary agenda of “shaping and spreading an objective perception of Islam around the world.” It says the directorate aims “to present an understanding of Islam, which is based on Islam’s scientific foundations, and lead the efforts to spread it.” It notes that 200,267 meetings, conferences, panels and symposiums were organized abroad as part of this objective.

The above video shows more beneath the surface and Americans need to pay close attention! “Minarets have no mahya” says Erdoğan in the video speaking parables well understood in the region. Mahya is a string of lights that links minarets with Islamic banners. Here is a photo of the American mosque in Maryland from Erdogan’s own source, Yeni Safak, notice the connect between the two minarets, what is the message? Ship – Dua.