What is Islam?

Islam is a religious grossly misunderstood by the western world.
Most citizens of democratic countries automatically relate religions and religious people with peace, love, honesty, higher moral standards and other virtues appreciated in the modern and free societies.
This is a grave mistake!
Islam is a completely different theology.

Islam is surrendering.
Total Acceptance and Surrender to the Laws of Islam

These barbaric and inhuman laws do not have a place in the modern free world
Liberty and Islam cannot coexist
Free Speech and Islam cannot coexist
Human Rights and Islam cannot coexist
Critical Thinking and Islam cannot coexist
Women Rights and Islam cannot coexist
Other Religions and Islam cannot coexist
Fighting against Islam is fighting for Human Rights
In Islamic Countries everyone, including Muslims, is deprived of Human Rights.
No one is more victimized by Islam than millions of Muslim women.

ISIS Islamists is the perfect Devoted Muslim as per ISLAM and Muhammed