Ex Muslims

In 2012, Muhammed Syed helped launch an organization for formerMuslims.
It is called Ex-Muslims of North America, or EXMNA.
The groupoffers support to people who have given up on the religion and no longerfeel required to follow its teachings.

No major organization has published information on how many formerMuslims live in North America. But Muhammed Syed says EXMNA has grown over the past three years.
The group started with chapters in just twocities: Washington, DC and Toronto, Canada.
Todaymore than 10 EXMNA chapters are spread across the United States and Canada.
Membership is openopen to all former Muslims, but mainly to those who do not believe in God at all.

Mr. Sayed says the group is important because some former Muslims face difficulty when they say they will no longer practice Islam.
“We even had a few times when people threatened their own kids that they would be killed,” says Mr. Sayed.